Picnic cruising at sea with style!

Welldone L.R. Ltd’s motorboat m/y Trude, was originally built in 1951. It faithfully served on the Baltic sea until 1995 and was since then completely rebuilt by the skilful craftsmen of  the Vallilan Veneveistämö between the years 2005 and 2009. Trude II returned to the dock of Suomen Moottoriveneklubi SMK-FMK at Pohjoisranta on May 2009. Trude II has been inspected and registered by the authorities for the chartering at the Baltic sea. The maximum capacity is 12 persons and 2-4 persons can be exclusively accommodated. The length of the boat is 10,00 meters, the width 3,0 meters, the weight 5,2 tons and the draught 1,2 meters. Trude II is equipped with Beta Marine 90 diesel engine and the frame speed is 8,0 nautical knots.

For chartering, please contact by e-mail wdlr(a) or markku.pesonen(a), by phone +358-9-3487 1100 or +358-400-528 773. You can also inquire about the the use or the steering services of Trude II by e-mail jari.kallioniemi(a) or by phone +358-400-408048.

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